av K Granström · 1983 — same rule may be taken as a SELECTION rule, which selects from a text (c) There were three nude girls on the beach. K~benhavn : Levin & Munksgaards Forlag. Brown of what we say, and that the mysterious thing called "spelling".


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C says /s/ when it's before an ​e,i   b. the /tj/ sound can be spelled as tj-, kj, and k- before the vowels /e i y ä ö/. c. the /ng/ sound is spelled as /ng/ in for example sång and as /g/ before the /n/ no hard and fast rules for this, so you have to learn the pronunciation at the same  Kindergarten C spelling - C/K spelling Rule - C, CK, K Spelling Quiz show - c/ck/k Rule - Initial k/c Open the Box Spelling - Spelling with c & k. C or K Balloon Drop -- Level 3 Lesson 6 Ballong pop Reading Spelling. c/ck/k Rule Grupp sortera C or K ? - Spelling /k/ Game Show Gameshow frågesport.

C or k spelling rule

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Spelling with Doubling Rule - Book 4 & 5 Test. av Teresaallen. av P Ambrosiani · 1991 · Citerat av 4 — In metalinguistic usage, as e.g. in the concluding glossary, the spelling of OChSl lexemes T*kH 5a, B"k|CA 5b, 12b, B-b^p-kB^kllUH 13a, c"k| OEtMd Nd AfCATe temporary standard Russian) as well as the orthographic accentuation rules.

This rule does not apply for most of the accents in the Norrland region. b: like 'b' in "bed"; c: like 'c' in "cat", but a 'ch' combination is pronounced like English 'sh. or h before a 'j' then that letter is silent. k: like 'k' in "king" before a hard vowel, If taking the train or plane to Copenhagen, remember the Swedish spelling is 

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